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Our History

In 1999, three Abilene friends - a Jew, a Muslim, and a Priest - decided to create an organization where people of all faith traditions could gather for a meal and learn about each other. The motto they selected was, "Breaking Bread Together in Peace."

Since then, AIC has brought outstanding speakers, scholars, and musicians to our community and partnered with Abilene's universities and museums for special presentations.

AIC has sponsored programs from a variety of faith traditions, including Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, and Pagan and conducted various panel discussions at the Grace Museum and all three universities. Since 2004, AIC has sponsored a community celebration on the National Day of Prayer in May. Prayers for peace are led by participants from our own community's multiple faith traditions.

Since its founding, AIC has witnessed an increase in understanding and appreciation of other faith traditions in our community. May we continue to light candles of acceptance and welcome in this
often dimly-lit world

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